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Traser® H3 watch with our innovative trigalight® illumination
A common watch without trigalight® illumination


Innovative permanent H3 lighting technologyDiscover our trigalight® illumination technology

Innovative Swiss Precision Technology

The ability to manufacture the self-illuminating light technology called trigalight® is the result of decades of research and development work in the field of radio luminescence. The company mb-microtec ag is the originator and worldwide only manufacturer of watch lights based on this technology. trigalight® are independent of a battery or charging by sunlight, maintenance-free and have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years.

Functional principle

trigalight® are small, airtight sealed glass tubes coated on the inside with a luminous substance. The coating is "fired" with electrons emitted by the tritium gas which cause the layer to light up (conversion of the electric charge to light). With a trigalight®, the necessary electrons are created through the radioactive disintegration of tritium (an isotope of hydrogen).


trigalight® are filled with tritium gas. Tritium is unstable and disintegrates whilst sending out beta radiation (electrons) with a half-life time of 12.3 years to helium. The electron is unable to penetrate the human skin and can be stopped without any problems by a sheet of paper. A traser® H3 watch contains 15 to 20 trigalight® for a total of no more than 1 GBq (Giga Bequerel) of tritium.

Size of a trigalight®

Size of a trigalight®Today, mb-microtec ag is in a position to manufacture light sources with a diameter of just 0.5 mm and a length of 1.3 mm. trigalight® is available in different colours, but green is the preferred because the human eye perceives it to be the brightest.

Colour Chart

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