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True Stories

January 10, 2012

True Story from J.Cachia, Malta

I'm from tiny Malta. I work at a desk in an IT environment, but until recently I used to be a volunteer rescuer/first-aider with an international organization. Needless to say my 6506 Commander 100 ( all Titanium ) got banged up a number of times, but apart from some inevitable wear/scratches on the strap it's in perfect shape.

True Story from J. Cachia, Malta

These things are built like a tank and I love them. I have just replaced the battery after about 5 years. Made sure to pressure test it professionally and even got the pressure certificate for it. I am also a Licenced Target/Tactical shooter and would never go to the range without my H3. Somehow I feel I shoot better with it. Not to mention it looks darn good with a gun. My wife makes fun of me cause I go to bed with it on.

There are loads out there, but my next one WILL be a Black Chrono BD Pro with blue illumination.

P.S. it also looks nice in the dark at the cinema....

J. Cachia

September 14, 2011

True Story by C. White

After viewing your webpage, I thought I'd leave my own comment alongside other happy customers' stories.

True Story by C. White

Having brought my "traser H3" back in March 2003. It's served me loyally & accurately over the years in all manner of environments. From high altitude sky diving, to the Humid Jungles of Belize to the extreme heat & dust of Afghanistan. Wanting no more than a rinse under a tap & just two battery replacements it's continued to be as reliable as the day I purchased it. I think the only area of attention needed in the future is one or two new pins for the strap, but after the conditions this watch has seen I can forgive it for that!
I remain delighted that I chose 'traser H3 watches' & would recommend to anyone. Many thanks.

C.White (Hampshire. UK)

December 15, 2010

True story by Scott Brady, Journalist Overland Journal

I wanted to provide a few images and details of our adventures with the traser H3 watch....

True story by Scott Brady, Journalist Overland Journal

As I mentioned to Barry from mb-microtec USA at the Outdoor Retailer show, I had not worn a watch for nearly a decade, mostly because I had not found one durable enough, yet understated for third-world travel.

Jonathan Hanson, my partner in Overland Journal and our Executive Editor received a sample traser H3, which he suggested I try on my trip to the Darien Gap in Panama. The trip was 9,000 miles, crossing nine borders and traveling in some of the most remote and rugged jungle conditions in the world. We explored unexcavated Maya ruins and traveled to the Southernmost point in North America, Punta Mariato.

Throughout the trip I continued to wear the traser H3, and it is still on my wrist as I write this email. Thank you for making a high-quality, comfortable and easy to read (day/night) adventure timepiece.

Scott Brady, Overland Journal

September 08, 2011

True Story by M. Cicale

Whenever we go to the beach, my wife wants to make sure that I'm wearing my Traser H3 watch (which I always wear anyhow).

True Story by M. Cicale

Because she relies on it to time herself for sunbathing, and I keep telling her you have your own watch; and she says mine is better. And I can't tell you how many times I've gone swimming with it and forgotten to take off, and she would get upset about it for fear of breaking it.......
and a couple of times dropped it in the sand....... but it kept on ticking. I have 2 of them; one that is 8-10 years old, that I had rebuilt cosmetically and the latest one that is about 2-3 years old.
When we're out with friends late at night I'm the only one they ask me about the time ( and there are times when they want to look at it to see it glow), because my Traser H3 is the only one that glows bright enough to read. Traser; I love them and I trust them.

M. Cicale

September 08, 2011

True Story by Bruce Ray

70 miles from Casey Station Antarctica, extremely cold and wet. The Traser handles this situation just as easy as the tropical heat, sand and salt of the tropics to the North of Australia.

True Story by Bruce Ray

A reliable watch for all seasons and conditions, it just keeps going. Ship life is constant. Assisting the ship's crew on bridge watch to keep a 4000 tonne, 106 metre ship steaming through the most unforgiving oceans of the world full of hazards such as icebergs, the Traser stands on its own as a solid timekeeper.

Bruce Ray
Beechworth Victoria

September 08, 2011

True Story by Peter Todd

My H3 Titanium is 3 years old and I have always used it for diving. We recently dived Wolf Rock, which is in the Coral Sea off Rainbow Beach.

True Story by Peter Todd

The dive is not as colorful as the Great Barrier Reef further north but it makes up for it with the stark and spectacular twin rocks that rise out of the sea floor and the marine life.

This day the weather was clear and the visibility was all the way to the bottom, about 40 meters. The guide and I dived to a ledge about 15 meters down and we were looking down on 8 Grey Nurse Sharks lined up on the bottom in two by two formation. Now, Grey nurse aren't supposed to be a problem for humans but they are mean looking animals.

The guide headed off and went into a double ended tunnel, I followed and just before I entered glanced behind and there was the biggest Grey Nurse I'd ever seen sitting right behind me, seemingly ready to pounce. The guide had disappeared and I could do nothing so I entered the cave. Just as I got in my fin caught on the roof, I thought the bloody thing had grabbed me. I lifted my head,banged it on the roof, through my arm back and up and they hit rock, hard. I realized what had really happened and my next thoughts were 1. what's that green stuff coming out of my hand and arm and 2. bet that broke the watch. Well, of course, the green stuff was only blood(divers will know blood looks green at depth) and the watch was fine, not even a scratch.

The rest of the dive went without incidence and the blood didn't seem to excite the sharks too much.

Peter Todd

December 15, 2010

True Story by Ivan Kristoff

Living on the edge is what I do for a living. Training at night, hard conditions, tough environment, difficult terrain and extreme situations is what keeps me alive. When I work and train alone, my reliable equipment is my best friend. That is why I am in constant search for the perfect tool to measure the timing of my operations at any time, just by a glance.

True Story by Ivan Kristoff

Thanks to my research on the best available technologies, that can guarantee visibility at the dark for a long duration, I have the solution to the quest for the perfect, light and reliable watch that can serve me for a long time. Therefore, I am very happy to present you to the winner of the completion in the reliable timekeeping ? The traser® H3 P 6502 Long Life Swiss made watch.

When you are working on ropes a few hundred feet off the ground, you end up hanging on your life lines or the top of the skyscrapers. Up there in the air,I can't waste precious time to search for the illumination button on my watch to show me the time. I want it right away, especially, when I plan my time and have to regularly check if I am on schedule with the different tasks.

I am a collector of limited edition Swiss made watches. I know what a good watch is and I know the pain, when I scratch it. That is why I was looking for a light and soft edge bezel like the Carbon fiber on the traser® H3 P 6502 Long Life. The textile bracelet is close to the material of the climbing slings, the natural green color, so I feel it as part of my surrounding environment. It is sleek and when I moved the closing strap to the 6 o'clock position, I feel it as the most comfortable bracelet for everyday use. But this is still not the best thing about my little favorite watch. The unidirectional rotating dual time zone bezel shows me the right time to call my friends and team members, around the globe.

This combination of easy maintenance (quartz movement with lithium battery), light weight and nature friendly colours, is the perfect watch for my type of work. When I do Nature photography and I want to blend with the surrounding terrain, I appreciate most the uniqueness of this professional piece of watch craft. I know I have made the right choice by choosing the traser® H3 P 6502 Long Life for work at height. The commercial liability of falling heavy objects from the exterior of high-rise buildings is too high. That is why my company Eiger Rope Access Work Inc. has strict standards on safety and choose the traser® H3 P 6502 Long Life as a standard issue watch for our Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team.

Ivan Kristoff

December 15, 2010

True Story from James W. Brown - Paramedic

I am a Paramedic based in Atlantic City, NJ, currently assigned to our Tactical Team.

True Story from James W. Brown - Paramedic

After destroying yet another watch while on an assignment, I set out to find a more suitable replacement. The watch needed to be shock resistant, to deal with the routine banging around that had broken so many others. It also needed to be corrosion and water resistant, to deal with the sea air and salt water in my area. And it also needed some form of illumination, because on tactical assignments one often needs to know the exact time but cannot turn on a flashlight or otherwise breach noise and light discipline. However, when wearing medical gloves contaminated with blood and who-knows-what-else, it is a rather poor idea to press buttons on a watch that you plan on wearing home later. My search therefore brought me to the Traser H3 watches, which provide hands-free illumination in tough, good-looking packages.

I chose the Nautic, because its rotating bezel contains a count-down, as opposed to a count-up, timer. When I call in a medevac helicopter and it provides me with an ETA, I use the Nautic?s timer to know exactly how much time I have left to complete my treatment before the ship is due.

The Nautic has proven to be an excellent, robust piece of equipment that helps me do my job more effectively.

James W. Brown

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